Workshop/atelier in Tunis, March 2023

Ben Schwag workshop poster

As part of the Carthage Puppetry Art Days, No Boundz is helping to run a special workshop for puppet-makers. The idea is to give them an overview of what it takes to bring a theatre show to the screen, whether it be a TV or mobile phone screen. “Puppetry is one of the great under-estimated arts,” says Ben Schwag, PhD in cinematography and producer who will be leading the workshop. “These shows deserve a greater audience, and this workshop will provide puppet-makers with an understanding of the issues involved.”

A single workshop could never provide all the knowledge required. Nonetheless, subjects that will be briefly covered include:

  • The conceptualization and development of the script
  • Script writing and its importance in relation to the shoot
  • Pre-production, including script breakdown, planning, and budgeting
  • Camera angles to create visual interest
  • Lighting and creating mood and atmosphere 
  • Camera movement to create a sense of motion and energy
  • Sound design to enhance the cinematic atmosphere and create a sense of immersion and emotion
  • Editing and post-production with techniques to refine and enhance the footage as well as the use of color grading to create a consistent look and feel that adds to the visual interest.

“The idea is that the participants leave the workshop with an understanding of the various facets of filming a show,” says Schwag.

The workshop will take place on March 16 at:

Théâtre de Poche (Cité de la Culture)

Av. Mohamed 5, Tunis. For details, +216 70 028 319