Post-production workshop in Tunis

No Boundz Asbl and the Centre National d’Art de la Marionnette, under the supervision of the Tunisian Ministry of Culture, are joining forces to offer an innovative two-week “Master Class” in audio post-production starting January 15, 2024. This collaboration aims to raise the national levels of audio post-production techniques and pave the way for Tunisia’s recognition in the global industry.

Led by Dr. Benjamin G. Schwagrowski, a reognized professional with extensive training in cinematography and sound engineering, the Master Class promises to provide participants with unparalleled expertise and knowledge. Dr. Schwagrowski (aka Ben Schwag) has an impressive double doctorate in these fields, with 51 years of hands-on experience in sound engineering and 39 years in cinematography.

Ben Schwag sitting on stage
Ben Schwag addressing a workshop audience

The masterclass will focus on sharing best practices and workflows that are practiced at the highest level in the United States. As the U.S. has established itself as a global leader in the audio post-production industry, it is crucial that Tunisian professionals acquire the skills and standards to compete with their European and American counterparts, while also offering competitive pricing.

Online job opportunities in sound

The masterclass will also address the growing importance of online job opportunities in Tunisia. With the advancement of technology, online jobs have become not only a critical factor in shaping the future of work, but also an important potential source of income for Tunisians. The country as a whole can benefit from foreign exchange inflows and income taxes generated by online employment.

No Boundz Asbl and the Centre National d’Art de la Marionnette, in collaboration with Dr. Schwagrowski, designed this masterclass not only to enhance the skills of audio post-production professionals in Tunisia, but also to position the country as a desirable destination for the global online job market.

Attendees can look forward to an immersive learning experience where they will receive hands-on training, hands-on exercises, and valuable insights from Dr. Schwagrowski’s extensive experience in the industry. By the end of the masterclass, participants will have honed their audio post-production skills to meet international standards and will be equipped to contribute to the growth of Tunisia’s digital economy.

No Boundz Asbl and the Centre National d’Art de la Marionnette, together with Dr. Benjamin G. Schwagrowski, invite all professionals in the field of audio post-production to register for this transformative master class and participate in shaping the future of Tunisia in the global online job market.

For more information and registration details, please visit the CNAM website. To contact us by email, use

About No Boundz Asbl:

No Boundz Asbl is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting digital skills and empowering individuals to succeed in the global job market. Through collaborations and initiatives, No Boundz Asbl aims to bridge the gap between opportunities and talent.

About the Centre National d’Art de la Marionnette:

The National Centre for Puppetry Art, under the supervision of the Tunisian Ministry of Culture, is a renowned institution specializing in the art of puppetry. Committed to promoting cultural excellence, the centre offers a variety of programs to support creativity and innovation in the field.

About Dr. Benjamin G. Schwagrowski:

Dr. Benjamin G. Schwagrowski holds a dual Ph.D. in Sound Engineering and Cinematography and has extensive experience in both fields. With a career spanning more than five decades, Dr. Schwagrowski has contributed to numerous projects and is recognized as a leading expert in the industry.